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Modelle "B" ,C , D

Model B was a single cylinderbike with horizontal cooling fins. The engine had 248 cc, the power was 1 3/4 hp. It came to the market in 1909-1910 The frame had changed now, it was a loop frame with a second tube under the cylindric fueltank.

In 1910-1911 the v-twin with the autmatic inlet valve (Model A) was also put into the new frame.
In 1912 model C appeared. Now both valves are controled it is a i.o.e engine. The lightweight bike is 47 kg heavy and 60km/h fast. Instead of the beltspanner a conus clutch could be ordered.
One year later 1913 the model D came into the marked. It has a more modern fueltank and a light druid fork. It was remarkeble that the engine now has overhead valves. With 340cc and 3hp it is 70km fast.
As the same time a new 248 cc single cylinder engine( o.h.v) started. Model F has 3 hp later it is called Model M with 4 hp. The looframe now vanished. The new open frame is part of the bike.This frame is used until the end of the company.
The shape of the fueltank changed and the oilpump now is in the front part.