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Modell I 1914- 1919

In 1914 2 more models came into the market, model F and model I. Both could be ordered with a 2 speed gearbox or peadal gearing.Model I came with 2 different enginesizes 405 cc and 500cc, this model was built with some changement until 1919.
The first serie of 2 speed gearboxes was made of cast iron, those one were not very solid,l ater they solved the problem and cast them in brass. The primary drive is made with a chain and totally covered.
This model could be ordered with sidecar,
The gearshifter is on the left side of the fueltank, and the clutch leaver is on the right side of the handlebar that is very unsual and needs experience, because you have to pull with your right thumb. This was nessary because the oilpump lever is at the right side of the tank and need lots of space.
The changements until 1918
1915/1916 the new style of the cylinders came with more cooling fins also on the top of the cylinder.
1916/1917 a cross beam between kickstarter and frame comes.
1918 each cylinder get it own exhaust manifold this goes parallel into the muffler.